Puche’s art does not stop

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In spite of the difficult year that we have had to live, the best way to overcome it in our case has been with art as a catalyst and liberator of emotions. Puche’s art doesn’t stop and the proof is that, in the first months of lockdown and through the Melancholy Suite, we have made solidarity collaborations with the Red Cross, the Pimpi Foundation, the Santo Domingo Dining Room or the making of the book Abrazos Prestados, for sale in the Proteo bookstore in Malaga. Instead of closing, we have created Puche’s open studio in times of confinement. Objective: not to stop, not to let pessimism take possession of us. Fight it by creating.


As I returned physically to the studio, I have been able to undertake large format pieces that have become part of new private collections and foundations. I have also prepared an online exhibition at the Nanda\Hobbs gallery in Sydney curated by Kate Smith, with new pieces sent from Malaga. There have also been works for Seoul, Oxford, Melbourne, Mexico and the German Bavaria.

Collaborating with Musy

Another new project that we have closed is a collaboration agreement with the Musy team composed of Ayoko Agbaglo and Chloé Dasse, two French artmanagers who advice collectors based in different parts of the world such as Bordeaux, Lyon, Switzerland and Spain. We are working with them on different sites specifically for Switzerland and France.

The shooting of all the works done in the studio is also part of our daily life. Our goal is to have them in optimal quality for its cataloging and use in different platforms.

On the other hand, in the next few months I am facing a public project on which I have already begun to work. In addition, we are planning new international solo exhibitions in 2021, which we hope to be able to attend in person. Having projects is a sign that things are starting to go well, and we want to think that this is going to be the case. Puche’s artwork doesn’t stop, neither does my team. We can’t, we don’t want to. Creating is our life and we will continue to do so.


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