Puche Retrospective: A Year of Pandemic and Art

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One year after the state of alarm decreed due to the COVID-19 health crisis, I remember in this Puche Retrospective the moment that marked a milestone in our lives. A date that we will remember forever. Life gave us all a total and absolute turnaround, and forced us to face a new reality.


My work, like that of most people, was affected by this new situation that we were all living. But I also wanted to look at it from the creative perspective. From that moment a series of absolutely organic works emerged, which responded to a basic need: to reflect on my own work and its development in these new times.

Moments of crisis that inspire artists


Now, more than in our most recent past, art and culture have to be the filters in which the relief of society is found. A commitment to honesty with our profession, to leave a record of the moment we live in.


A historical moment that has helped me feel that healthy melancholy, which at the time also drove other artists in other difficult times. Wars, interwar periods, crises… in those complicated contexts artists also continued to work, despite the adversities.


I have learned, to the extent that our generation has had to live, to channel and show that art serves to portray these types of situations.


The series of works made during the period of confinement are now distributed throughout Asia, Korea, Australia, Europe…. From September, for the first time, they will be brought together in different exhibitions, both in Spanish and European cities, which is really exciting.

The return to Puche’s studio


After all that we have lived through, and although we have learned to live with the pandemic while the vaccine arrives, the return to the studio gave us the opportunity to take part in group exhibitions.


We have not stopped working on projects and upcoming solo exhibitions, and for that alone we feel —and I feel— personally very grateful. Some of these exhibitions will see the light throughout 2021 and 2022, facing commissions from institutions, as well as creative projects of different kinds.


At the moment, I can’t tell you anything else. But in my social networks I will be sharing one by one all my upcoming projects, which are many and very exciting.


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