Puche is releasing the edition of the artwork ‘Quinta Integral’

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Quinta Integral’ is a limited signed edition of an original artwork by Jose Luis Puche. It consists of 25 prints and each artprint measures 50×35 on Fine Art sihl smooth 320g paper, with Epson Ultrachrome pigmented inks. A work that can be purchased here.

Warbonnet, the triumph symbol


‘Quinta Integral’ is the perception of the contemporary woman of XXI century, the one whom is represented as a fighter and a winner. The woman is carring a colourful Warbonet in the same way as the Native Americans. This piece was composed of feathers that the Indians added to their attire when hunting, specifically on the head.


In the Indian culture, placing a feathered Warbonnet on the head after hunting an eagle or a hawk symbolized triumph. It meant that these Indians had previously gone through a war which they had survived, and from which they had emerged victorious.

A Warbonnet is a triumph over life. Adding it in my artworks to the figure of the woman also gives it a very special meaning. I thus represent a woman triumphant over life, who comes out of it victorious. A vision that I want to transcend the contemporary world in which we live.


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