Puche and Netflix —his artwork in the series ‘Warrior Nun’

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The relationship between José Luis Puche and Netflix started as an initiative of Mathias Herndl, director of photography of ‘Warrior Nun’, who won an Emmy for ‘Genius Picasso’ in 2018.

Herndl, a connoisseur and follower of Puche’s career, wanted to have an original work of the artist from Malaga in the recreation of one of the main scenes, set in a noble house in Malaga turned into an auction house.

The chosen artwork is ‘The soul in the sky’, which belongs to a private collection. This is a brief nod to Malaga, as it was recorded in this city and also because José Luis has an important role in the international contemporary art scene.

‘Hernld, one of the best cinematographic looks’

In Puche’s words, the appearance of his work in Netflix’s ‘Warrior Nun’ “was a very enriching experience. Witnessing a series of this level being shot in my city, with its director of photography and episodic director, Mathias Herndl. We had already seen him in action in Budapest directing chapters 9 and 10 of ‘Genius Picasso’ for National Geographic. It’s a pleasure to see him doing live shoots, as he has one of the best views that the film industry can have”.

In addition, the actors Tristan Ulloa and Toya Turner were present that day of shooting.

The series, recorded almost entirely during 2019 in Malaga, was released on the platform on July 2nd, 2020.

‘Warrior Nun’and its shooting in Malaga

The series showcases the adaptation of the comic book ‘Warrior Nun’, which was released in the mid-1990s by Ben Dunn at Antarctic Press.

The main character, Alba Baptista, is Ava. She is accompanied by a good number of Spanish and Portuguese actors: Tristán Ulloa, Toya Turner, Sylvya De Fanti, Lorena Andrea, Thekla Reuten, Emilio Sakrayaand Joaquim de Almedia.

In addition, the main musical theme of the series comes from the hand of the Spanish singer Rosalía.

Most of Netflix’s series was shot last year in Andalusia. And it is in Malaga where the series has been filmed almost entirety: the Torcal and the Collegiate Church of Antequera, the Customs Palace, the provincial prison and La Térmica de Málaga, mansions in Marbella by the sea or the property converted into an auction house on Paseo de Reding appear on it.

Behind this filming is the Malaga-based production company Fresco Film, directed by Peter Welter, which has become a benchmark in the audiovisual sector when it comes to working on megaproductions in Spain.


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