José Luis Puche, guest artist of the 20th edition of Scarpia

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guest artist of the 20th edition of Scarpia

“Droplets of light where there had been none” is the name of the series of pieces I have been invited to show at the 20th edition of Scarpia, the Contemporary Art Festival, this year entitled “The Painting of Stories”. The event will comprise a total of thirteen medium and small sized works from Friday 10th of December through to the 6th of January 2022.

“Droplets of light where there had been none”, works created during the lockdown

“Droplets of light where there had been none” is a show mostly comprising pieces created during the months of the COVID-19 lockdown and its aftermath, during 2020 and 2021.


This is a unique opportunity to see all these drawings up close and personal, as many of them hails from all corners of the world (Australia, Korea, USA, Europe…). They will all now gather together at Scarpia, the festival held in the Garci Méndez Tower, in El Carpio (Córdoba, Spain), the most emblematic monument of this gorgeous town in Córdoba. A Mudéjar fortress that was declared a national Historical & Artistic Monument in 1983.


A project born out of the need to move past this critical situation which, to date, continues to afflict not only our country, but the whole world. A situation with no recent precedent for which I wish to provide a pictorial-narrative record expressed in my very own language.

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Narrative drawing that deconstructs and reconstructs images

“Droplets of light where there had been none” is a show based on narrative drawing which evokes a myriad of issues and emotions in the viewer, awakening his or her own imagination to complete the timeline created by deconstructing and reconstructing pictures. The aim is to generate intrigue and interest in the observer’s mind. This is how I create stories, getting the audience to strive to decode them, as if they were puzzles.



It is fascinating to be able to pose questions about the human condition, beauty, truth, tragedy, disease, love and death. A work that explores what it means to be human, setting scenes of imaginary worlds or alternative versions of the past, present and future, connecting with the intimate and personal experiences of the mere bystander.

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