‘Hanbok’ Puche’s artworks for Silvia Moreno POOM

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‘Hanbok’ is the work commissioned for the new headquarters of Silvia Moreno Poom in Malaga, Alameda Principal 38.


Like all artwork done for a specific space, it is an opportunity to explore new territories and to transform the space in which it is located with the image.


In this case, the Korean influence is manifest, using the traditional female Hanbok costume as the axis for the development of the discourse of this drawing. The whole work runs in a highly organic way throughout the paper, containing and tearing itself in the form of palimpsests, where layer after layer of black and white gives way to color thanks to the masking of each territory.

Why join Silvia Moreno’s project?

Despite having an agenda full of projects, something wonderful that we are grateful to life and art, it is important to have time to listen to new exciting proposals. This is the case of Silvia Moreno Poom.

Silvia is an admirable, generous and honest woman like few others. Meeting her has been a gift and hearing from her mouth all that her project entails, has encouraged us to join it without hesitation, despite of having a little time.


Her passion for the work she is developing, also the level of involvement in it… it is amazing. It has been very easy to infect us with his motivation. This is how ‘Hanbok’, who presides over the POOM store in Malaga, came about.


And now we are already thrilled thinking about the artwork that will be going to the Silvia Moreno POOM store in Madrid.


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