‘En el nombre de los pájaros’, a collaboration with the Instituto Psicopedagógico Dulce Nombre de María

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I am happy to share with you everything about my collaboration with the Instituto Psicopedagógico Dulce Nombre de María in Malaga. It is a vinyl reproduction of the work ‘En el nombre de los pájaros’.

A few months ago, the architect Marcos Tamagnone invited me through the Asociación de Constructores y Promotores de Málaga (ACP) to join them with the donation of a reproduction of my artwork.

The aim was to improve the warmth of the institute’s dining room, which is daily used by the children of this educational center, which is also a school and a foster home for children with special needs.

At the helm, I have found a group of outstanding professionals who always do a great work in the city of Malaga and whose director, Macarena Saborido, is dedicated to the welfare and care of all the boys and girls who are there.

I wanted the chosen piece to be a vinyl of ‘En el nombre de lospájaros’, since it is a poetic idealization of pure feelings. They show the naivety and non-corrosion of morality. It is a utopia, the memory of a world in which we have never been.

This world is shaped by an eurythmic base, where proportion is the balance of everything. It is a holistic principle. The harmonious relationships of all living beings: humans, animals, plants… the whole nature through choreographic and acrobatic coordination, where the plasticity of the drawing captures the behaviors, feelings and wills of all that is natural.

A collaboration aimed at the joy of children

The work, which was recently inaugurated, was carried out by the construction company ‘Brace Up’, and has counted with more collaborations, such as that of the architect Marcos Tamagnone, who I thank for his great involvement in this project. As he himself has explained, “we have done this work thinking about the joy and spaciousness that children need, recreating an open space with trees and clouds, for which sound-absorbing panels have been used, which have solved the acoustic problems it had before”.

Here are the photos of the final result.


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